June 21, 2018


Ascension participates in the Catholic Youth Sports League  which is comprised of all the Catholic Schools in Brevard County.

The middle school  volleyball  teams are a competitive team and not all players will play equally, however the coaches are there to develop the skills of all that are on the team and will do their best to play all that are on the team when the situation presents itself.

The coach sets the practice times.   The season runs as listed below:

Volleyball – March 6 – May 20

  • Regular Season – 3/6/17 to 4/11/17
  • Tournament –  4/24/17 to 4/29/17
  • Championships – 5/1/17 to 5/6/17
  • Diocese Cup – 5/13/17



Parents should log in to the Catholic Youth Sports page for schedules and more information.

All questions should be directed to the Athletic Director, who can be contacted through the school office or by calling 321-254-1595.


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