June 22, 2018

School Uniforms

Ascension School students wear uniforms to school each day.  The uniform policy (updated summer of 2016 can be found in the PARENT STUDENT HANDBOOK 2016-17 or Updated Uniform Policy)  and grooming standards for Ascension School were developed in a collaborative effort by parents, teachers, administrators, the school board and the Pastor. The middle school students, in grades 6-8 wear navy blue polo shirts and khaki shorts, or pants, with the addition of skorts for girls. The students in grades 1-5 wear white polo shirts and navy shorts and pants with the addition of plaid jumpers and skorts for girls.  Students in prekindergarten and kindergarten, wear black unifrom shorts and yellow uniform t-shirts. All uniforms must have the appropriate logo and be purchased from Sir Walter Uniforms, Inc. Uniform sales are held throughout the school year and are noted on the school calendar. They can also be purchased online – http://store.sirwalteruniforms.com/schools/ascension-catholic.html as well as at their store located at 500 S. Plumosa St. Merritt Island, FL 32952.  (800) 621-8263 or (321) 459-0646.

Students must also comply with all uniform regulations related but not limited to socks, shoes, physical education uniforms, jackets, sweatshirts, hair styles, jewlery and makeup. The complete policy and regulations can be found in the Parent-Student Handbook.


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