December 13, 2017

Safe Environment/Fingerprinting

It is the policy of the Diocese of Orlando that all persons working with children on church and/or school-related activities be fingerprinted and a background check conducted. Additionally, all must complete theĀ Safe Environment Training. This includes drivers, playground monitors, hot lunch workers, coaches, EVERY volunteer!

Please browse to the Diocese of Orlando (, choose the Safe Environment tab (and select your language), and follow the instructions to register.

New fingerprinting costs:
Volunteers: $44.00
Employees/Clergy: $51.25

If the entity covers the costs, you will not be directed to a payment page while registering. You will simply enter your demographics and choose an appointment date/time.

Extra fee: there is a rescheduling/missed appointment fee of $12.50 that Fieldprint charges. When applicants register, they create a username and password at the beginning in case they need to log back in to either reschedule their appointment or make any changes.

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