June 22, 2018

Safe Environment/Fingerprinting

It is the policy of the Diocese of Orlando that all persons working with children on church and/or school-related activities be fingerprinted and a background check conducted. Additionally, all must complete theĀ Safe Environment Training. This includes drivers, playground monitors, hot lunch workers, coaches, EVERY volunteer!

Please browse to the Diocese of Orlando (http://www.orlandodiocese.org/), choose the Safe Environment tab (and select your language), and follow the instructions to register.

New fingerprinting costs:
Volunteers: $44.00
Employees/Clergy: $51.25

If the entity covers the costs, you will not be directed to a payment page while registering. You will simply enter your demographics and choose an appointment date/time.

Extra fee: there is a rescheduling/missed appointment fee of $12.50 that Fieldprint charges. When applicants register, they create a username and password at the beginning in case they need to log back in to either reschedule their appointment or make any changes.

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