June 22, 2018

Home & School Association

The Home & School Association is an invaluable part of the Ascension community.  Dedicated parent volunteers serve as officers and all parents work to support the mission of the school.  All parents are encouraged to attend the Home and School meetings, which are held in the school cafetorium.  These meetings give you an opportunity to become more familiar with Home and School events and activities, to meet other families, teachers, and staff, and to get involved. The Home & School Association works to build a community connection between parents, teachers, staff, and the students of Ascension Catholic School.  As a parent of an Ascension student, all parents are automatically members of the Home and School Association.   The Home and School Association values your involvement and encourages your input.  Please feel free to contact any of the officers with your ideas, questions or concerns.  All parents are asked to support the school by earning 100 points, per family a year. (This does NOT apply to VPK students.)

ACS POINT CARD 2017-2018

Meeting minutes from last home and school meeting

How to add your personal contact information to the School E-Directory

President: Mrs. Lilliam Mejia Lilliam.Pres2016@gmail.com

Vice President: Mrs. Theresa Varvaro acs.hs.vp@gmail.com

Secretary: Mrs. Marcia Dunn marciadunncoledan@yahoo.com

Treasurer:  Mrs. Christie Zizian christie1085@yahoo.com

President Elect:

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