June 22, 2018


Parents and parent support are an invaluable part to the success of Ascension School.  As part of the school family, parents assist and support the school in academic endeavors, sporting events and other extracurricular activities. Parents can be seen volunteering daily in the lunch room, reading to classes and lending a hand in the library. A few of the additional activities that parents may wish to become involved with are the Endowment Gala, Fall Festival, Christmas Bazaar and coaching sports teams. If you are a parent and are interested in volunteering in some way, please contact the Ascension School Office by calling 321.254.1595 or by emailing Kathy Campbell.

As the school relies on parents and parent support, certain requirements must be met by each family every school year. All parents are required to work or provide a worker in support of the parish bingo program.

Ascension uses Rediker Software’s ParentPlus Portal a student/parent/school portal to post private student grade reports and other essential information. Parents can sign into  Plus Portal  to view more information. Any parent who needs assistance with their Plus Portal account, should contact the Anita Brady for assistance.

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