June 22, 2018

Administration, Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff can be reached by calling the school office at 321-254-1595 or by email. Email addresses all end in @ascensioncatholicsch.org and are preceded by the first initial and last name of the person.

Administrative Team:
Principal – Ms. Anita Brady
Assistant Principal – Ms. Donna Violi/Middle School Mathematics
Technology Administrator – Ms. Mary Cunningham
Financial Manager – Ms. Jacquie Jegier

Faculty – Listed by Grade and Homeroom:
Grade 8:
Agnes Owens- 8th Grade American History, 7th Grade World Geography, 8th Grade Religion
Jenny Hempstead- 8th Grade Literature & Vocabulary, 7th Grade Religion, 8th Grade Grammar and Writing

Grade 7:
Cheryl Graham- Middle School Science
Angela Franks- 7th Grade Literature and Vocabulary,  7th Grade Writing and Grammar, 6th Grade Social Studies

Grade 6:
Angela Williams- 6th Grade Religion, 6th Grade Literature and Vocabulary, 6th Grade Writing and Grammar
Eileen Hillmann-  Middle School Mathematics

Grade 5:
Jesse Gomez
Kathi Parsons

Grade 4:
Donna Potomski
Maci Reed

Grade 3:
Diana Cassidy
Tiffany Miller

Grade 2:
Melisa Locke
Erin Cremerius

Grade 1:
Danielle Murphy
Teresa Kniepmann

Nichole Hymel
Susie Mieczkowski

Pre-Kindergarten (Voluntary Prekindergarten Program)
Janet Harvey – also Elementary Spanish
Christi Braselton
Mary Connors – also learning support

Prekindergarten – Three Year Old Program
Lydia Bucci Farney

Math and Athletic Director:
Dennis Amico

Sonia Thurn

Joyce Wilkins

Laura Davis

Terri Baldree

Elizabeth Bump

Physical Education:
Christina Muniz

Soarin I: (Gifted and Middle School Mathematics)
Cindy Watts

Soarin II: (Learning Support)
Patty Smith

Dr. Kate Wilborn

Sister Joseph Barden


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