June 22, 2018


Academics Page

The curriculum of Ascension Catholic School is based on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, (NGSSS) which are rated fourth in the nation for clarity and depth of articulation, including order of instruction and assessment tools.

Reading ProgramThe Reading and Language Arts curriculum at Ascension Catholic School focuses on developing the fundamentals of reading and language, as well as the ability to analyze and manipulate this symbiotic partnership. The curriculum is aligned with the key elements of language arts standards in writing, reading, speaking, listening, and research. Our goal is for students to demonstrate proficiency in language arts, further inspiring exploration across curriculum and developing their love and appreciation for reading.

The objective of our mathematics program is for students to show mastery not only of basic computational skills but to also apply mathematical problem solving to real life situations. Our progressively more complex curriculum maintains focus of the numeric, algebraic, geometric, statistic, measurement, and probabilistic reasoning at each developmental level.

While our Science curriculum covers the life, earth and physical sciences across grade levels; our faculty has embraced cross-curricular integration, scientific inquiry, the scientific method, group projects, and hands-on exploration as a means of meeting the standards. Additionally, our school participates in rigorous science labs, fairs, and robotic competitions.

The social studies curriculum is designed to help students learn to become productive citizens in today’s world. Students work collaboratively as an adjunct to direct instruction across the grade levels. History, geography, economics and government, and citizenship are all are covered thoroughly.

The visual and performing arts are an integral part of the curriculum.  In music class, students learn to sight read music and play band instruments along with singing a variety songs. The band program offers students the opportunity to learn to play an instrument well enough to join a high school band upon leaving eighth grade. Both formal and informal drama productions are held throughout the year. In art class, students learn about painting, drawing, and sculpture as well as the study of art history.

The physical education program provides time for all students to participate in a variety of physical movements and organized games. There are many opportunities for students to develop muscle strength, coordination, increased stamina, and flexibility. They explore the use of movement and expand their understanding of the concept of team play, fairness, and consideration of others.

Recognizing the increasing importance of technology tools in today’s world, Ascension students begin to use computers at the youngest age.  A computer lab and instructor are in place to assure students have the necessary skills. Classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards, overhead projectors, SMART Airliners, and document cameras. Two mobile netbook carts provide for access throughout the school. Tools are placed where they most support the current course of study. Students learn to use blogs, wikis, and other online resources. Along with the technical use of such tools, students use those tools responsibly and ethically.

All students in grades kindergarten through eight participate in formal Spanish classes. Students graduate with high school credit in Spanish I. Ascension Catholic School is in compliance with the program’s foreign language requirements.

Soarin’ I and II are programs provided to enhance and remediate, depending upon need. Two full time instructors are employed to work with individual and small student groups to differentiate instruction.

Ascension Catholic School’s curriculum supports college and career readiness through our adherence to the NGSSS, which are aligned with the Common Core Standards. Our clear, understandable and consistent curriculum emphasizes rigorousness of content and application of knowledge through higher order thinking skills to solve problems.

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